​To get you in apetite

​To get you in apetite

Lamb Wellington: the Signature Dish – like no other
Flying Pig offers a fresh twist instead of beef, New Zealand Lamb is used to elevate it with surprise and excitement but it does not stop there, smoky roasted eggplant and pancetta wrapped in crispy pastry altogether is a perfect blend.



Pork Knuckle - In Grandmother’s recipe, we trust
Pork Knuckle is one of the most popular classic styles of cooking in Germany. A large roasted pork knuckle that sits on a plate for 2 to 3 people to share is served with Dutch mash and saukraut, which harmonize the well-flavored meat, by the sweet and sour touches.

Saukraurt – Purity and Health
Saukraurt is one of our side dishes worth mentioning. It's crunchy and delightfully sour, perfect for topping with meat. This light sides, has a lot of health benefits more than you can think of: boost and stimulate immune system, protect heart health and strengthen your bones.


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